What Makes You an Extraordinary Mentor? Workplace Transition 0919

workplace transition 0919

I was working on marketing pages for the International Mentoring Community that the WELLth Movement sponsors. 

And I was playing with the question, "What makes someone a Mentor?" And then I expanded it to "What Makes You an Extraordinary Mentor?" 

These are the draft notes.
And, I started listing probing questions/statements a mentor could use with a mentee. 

It's when the mentor places importance on the questions/statements = the probes = with the mentee in the mentoring arrangement that the state and quality of extraordinariness unfolds.  

Background Ideas

Your own life experiences in learning and working with others qualifies you to be a mentor. 

The best mentors are people whose own enthusiasm for their work and
recreation is so contagious that they inspire others just by doing what they enjoy most. 

Willingness to share your own interests/lived experience with a mentee is the beginning of mentoring arrangement.

mentor mentoring

The aim of mentoring is to encourage the development and growth of a mentee.
As a mentor, what you do and how you do it will depend on your mentee.

well living world 0219

Some mentees volunteer plenty of information about themselves, their goals, and their progress. If you're like most mentors, you appreciate having this data, which helps you know where you can (and can't) assist.
Other mentees, because of shyness, inexperience, being intimidated by your
position, or other reasons, aren't very open with such information. 

How can you help your mentees reveal more?

Here's a list of "probes" used successfully by  mentors. Notice that although
the majority are questions, some are statements. Try not to use all questions,
which can be intimidating.

  • Why do you want to partner with a mentor now in your life? Why me?
  • When you think of other people who have mentored or coached you, what's been most helpful for you? Least?
  • A year from now, looking back, what would make this a successful relationship for you?
  • What would make this relationship a waste of time or at least not as good as it could have been?
  • Tell me about what energizes you and makes you want to get up in the morning.
  • What excites you most about your work or life right now? What activities do you do that make you lose track of time?
  • Describe your favorite job/assignment and why you liked it so much.
  • What was your least favorite job/assignment and why?
  • What skills or knowledge makes you different from others?
  • If you had to choose a couple of goals to accomplish in the next six months, what are some possibilities?
  • Is any one of these goals more important than others?
  • If you reached that goal, what would it give you?
  • Tell me about your day, some high points and low points.
  • Help me understand exactly what was happening in _____(x situation)?
  • When you made the decision to ___, what did you consider?
  • As you look at this new situation, describe all the options you have.
  • What would you like to know about me?
  • Tell me in detail how you like to receive positive and corrective feedback. Do you want these from me?
  • Would you be willing to give me feedback on my efforts as a mentor? I'd like it in this form …
  • These are some strengths I see in you. 
  • And you would add ________?


As a mentor use these probing questions/statements appropriate for your shared mentoring journey ...
Because each probe fits well with your journey together - which probes fit the pre-during-post stages?
And let us know what happened via our Contact page (private) or add a comment below (public).

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In Closing Workplace Transition 0919 ...
You are invited to become involved ... and so - - - - your comments are appreciated below.

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Workplace Transition 0919

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