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The Administration Centre for the International Mentoring Community website is the WELLth Movement.
Therefore, the policies for the International Mentoring Community website still mention the WELLth Movement.
The incorporation of the International Mentoring Community is in process.

Terms of Use Policy

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Policy Updates

When policy updates are made ... notification is found on this page.
Such notices remain here for 180 days from the date of policy edit.

* Updates made to all policies - January 4, 2018 ... address update

You Decide Campaign

From a Place of Truth, Trust, and Transparency...
According to our “You Decide Campaign” we make available paid and free resources to support your involvement with the International Mentoring Community.
Our “You Decide Campaign” guarantee means we share awesome value during every virtual and/or personal interaction.
AND you decide the type and level of your involvement.
Therefore, each time you share your name and email through a purchase and/or request for free information, we will send SEVEN or fewer emails as follow-up. Typically we send a/an:

  1. Confirmation email with delivery instructions – immediately
  2. Confirmation email stating we sent you the delivery instructions – two days later; in case the email went to the SPAM or did not make it
  3. Encouragement email to support your use of the resource you purchased – three days later
  4. Next Step email re: possibility, which may or may not include an offer – 1 week later
  5. Last email stating we are closing our interaction with you based on your purchase and/or request for information – 1 week later
  6. One Month Update email
  7. Two Month Update email

You can unsubscribe at any time.
And, at any time contact us via our Contact Form.
Mailing Address: 177 Sunset Point, Cochrane, Alberta, T4C 0L1 

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