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Did You Have a Mentor Value

Did You Have a Mentor Value

Doug Lawrence (IMC) answers the Quora Question: Did you have a mentor? What did he teach you? Did it work? Are you or will you be a mentor as well? Why? His written response: I have had mentors and continue to have mentors as part of my journey today. In actual fact I have a number of mentors each providing me with something that the others may not. I would not be where I am today without my mentors as they provide guidance but also challenge me to think – critical thinking skills.

Mentoring, Stress, and the Holiday Season

Mentoring Stress Holiday Season

December 9, 2021: As the Holiday Season 2021 approaches, Doug Lawrence shares personal thoughts about his experiences of the holidays and the value of mentoring. He offers considerations for your approach to the holiday season – he suggests, “Ask for the gift of mentoring!”

Who Are We? Can We Change the Outcome? When Mentoring

Who Are We Mentoring

Who are We? Can We Change the Outcome? ((when mentoring)) A very interesting question wouldn’t you think? Is who we are, a product of our past? This particular question has been raised a number of times in my sphere of influence — as a mentor — Reflective Consideration with Doug Lawrence

Relationships Based on Trust in Virtual Mentoring

From the Desk of: Doug Lawrence Director Education and Outreach  The part that I get the utmost satisfaction and reward from is spending time with people that have embraced mentoring for a number of reasons.  This past week was no exception as I was truly blessed and honored to work with two different groups of very passionate […]