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Mentoring 37_4

Mentoring 37_4 Topic: Discuss reliance of the mentee on the mentor  

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Topics in this show:

​1_ Discuss reliance of the mentee on the mentor
2_ If you were to pay someone for business coaching and mentorship what would you look for?
3_ Updates about new courses and webinars ... and issues from the field

*Discuss reliance of the mentee on the mentor*
Key Points to share:
This action_outcome linked to the MENTORING RELATIONSHIP
About sustaining the connections that help collaborative conversations (when I am meets I am)
With mentoring relationship - it's a mentee lead

Reliance - depend on - for ways of being and doing
Require reassurance from the mentor
The self-concept = worthiness is personally questioned
The mentor must defend personal boundaries

Reliance - about trust in someone - they will do the correct thing for you
What a mentor is about, that is, the mentee taps into the lived experience of the mentor
*Important* Know the connection (and difference) between mentor arrangement (how to who) and mentee relationship (who to how)

Consider 3 ways for a mentor to avoid mentee dependence - co-dependence
1) Establish boundaries - why establishing the arrangement boundaries - the contract is important
_guide the mentee to select the dates to meet - have the mentee state the reason why
2) Reframe mentee's negative thinking/expression - when the mentee attacks oneself _remain vigilant that you do not slip into counseling - if you find yourself there - suggest the person get help 3) Ensure the mentee knows how to ask questions that tap into your lived experience without saying "here is how to do it" or "doing it for the person"

Mentoring is about a two-way, trusted arrangement in which the mentor and mentee can form a deeper and richer collaborative alliance resulting in both learning and growing personally and professionally.

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Mentoring 37_4

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