International Mentoring Community - Certification

The International Mentoring Community (IMC) learning and educating platform prepares You to apply and receive:  

  • Certificate of Practice - Mentor
  • Certificate of Practice - Journey Mentor
    Prerequisite Cert of Practice - Mentor
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Benefits for applying and receiving a Certificate from the International Mentoring Community (IMC) 

  1. Exceed the mentees' (the learners) requirements of the mentors they select to sustain the mentoring arrangement and connection 
  2. Convey authority as a mentor in the mentoring arrangement based on audit-based knowledge or verified knowledge-skill competence to support an action_outcome based mentoring arrangement  
  3. Utilize the inspired standards and wise practices of mentoring developed and used by IMC mentors through the continuous learning process inherent to certification and recertification 
  4. Strengthen personal leadership and confidence to assist the mentee to evolve critical thinking skills while both grow personally and professionally 

Start Here  

  1. Download the Self-Assessment Form for the Certificate you've decided to persue 
  2. Fill out the form - the instructions are on the form
  3. Book a meeting with the IMC Intake Manager (contact information on the Form)
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