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business pivot mentoring

Before I turn my attention to business pivot mentoring ... it's best I define the terms to establish a foundation from which to build the walls of your business pivot. 

Business Pivot ... is a conscious, organizational realignment all stakeholders communicate through the commitments they make and keep:

  • Conscious in the sense ... all stakeholders are aware of the business pivot including its intention and why & how to fulfill their accountabilities 
  • Organizational-level ... the whole organization is involved somehow, maybe some business areas are more impacted than others depending on the scope of the pivot
  • Realignment ... the pivot is more than course corrections, it's about a shift in direction, arrangements and connections
  • Stakeholders ... ALL stakeholders are involved, if only to say - when questioned - yes, there is a business pivot planned - in progress - completed and why!
  • Communication is vital ... there is a level of commonness re: story and outcomes that unifies all stakeholders' active involvement
  • Commitments are made and kept ... the promises are fulfilled

Mentoring ... is the process (procedures and practices) associated with "to mentor" - to serve as a guide on the ride, to share insights borne of lived experience.

It involves two people. Whereby the mentor guides the mentee to succeed. They establish an agreed upon arrangement in which both work together through professional-like (and as appropriate friendly) connections.

Business Pivot Mentoring

There are two perspectives to business pivot mentoring:

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Outside-in ... tapping into external business mentors whose expertise supports the business pivot. When expertise is not available within the organization - to ensure the 10 fundamentals of business are covered - then mentors are found and engaged.
Of importance, engage mentors who become stakeholders and adhere to the definition of the business pivot above. Otherwise, their insights are about course corrections.

Inside-out ... tapping into the expertise of internal stakeholders who serve as peer mentors. These internal mentors are available immediately with day-to-day insights.
Of importance, involve mentors who are aware of their personal bias. Their mentoring focuses on guiding another/others to make and keep commitments rather than as a way for the mentor to further their position from the business pivot.   

Both perspectives of business pivot mentoring are required for a successful business pivot. Possibly, the outside-in business pivot mentors offer more substantive insights at strategic and tactical levels. However, peer mentors with day-to-day expertise can provide mentor moments to pivot a person into the larger business pivot at an operational level. 

In a nutshell ...

A successful #BusinessPivot has three core ingredients: "Conscious awareness" of the "Communication required" by all stakeholders to "fulfill Commitments" of the pivot @WellthLearning

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Mentoring support for a #businesspivot requires two perspectives - Outside-in (external business mentors with pivot expertise) and Inside-out (internal peer mentors for people support & navigation) @Wellthlearning

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In Closing

The importance of perspective - through the contribution of mentoring - is invaluable. 
And remember - when you mentor, you mentor! And if to mentor is not in your educative vocabulary as a leader - and/or - mentoring is not a priority of your organizational leadership program, THEN move briskly to gain the concepts and practices. All stakeholders will appreciate the benefits of your contributions as a mentor and/or the integration of mentoring into the leadership practices today and for the future.  

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Recognizing a...
Business Pivot is a conscious, organizational realignment all stakeholders communicate through the commitments they make and keep
And, your personal commitment to the business pivot begins and continues from the point where and when you communicate accountability for your action_outcomes

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business pivot mentoring 

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