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Self-Concept and Self-Esteem Mentor and Mentee ~ Mentoring Lounge

Mentoring Lounge October 20, 2021 Key Topics:  Self-Concept and Self-Esteem when serving as a mentor and/or participating as a mentee; Another common term is “Awareness of Self” – about balancing intention and attention while involved in the mentoring arrangement and relationship; More about the concepts than practice!   What is the meaning of self-concept – awareness of self for a mentor […]

Relationships Based on Trust in Virtual Mentoring

From the Desk of: Doug Lawrence Director Education and Outreach  The part that I get the utmost satisfaction and reward from is spending time with people that have embraced mentoring for a number of reasons.  This past week was no exception as I was truly blessed and honored to work with two different groups of very passionate […]

5 Common Issues with Mentoring ~ Mentoring Lounge

5 Common Issues with Mentoring

Mentoring Lounge October 6, 2021 Key Topics: 5 Common Issues with Mentoring with suggested actions to deal with the issues; They are Definition of Mentoring linked with intention; Unclear outcomes, question of targets and metrics; Pre-mentoring arrangement hiccups; Collaborative Conversations using feed-forward and feed-fromward; Scheduling importance;  Topic in Question Format:What are the 5 Common Issues with Mentoring; What are the 5 Common […]