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All Things Mentoring Lounge September 30, 2021 ~ Mentor Certification

Mentoring Lounge September 30, 2021

Key Topics: Mentoring In the Workplace//Mentoring For the Workplace; How is the World Better With Mentoring; Advice about Mentoring for Those Thinking of Mentoring; Insights about the Mentee Becoming Lost; The Mentor and Mentee Connection or Knot;  Content Time Stamp 00:03 Introduction to the Video; 01:13 Introduction to the Topics; 01:33 Mentoring In the Workplace // Mentoring For the Workplace; 03:40 Explore Workplace Culture […]

All Things Mentoring Lounge September 15, 2021 ~ Mentor Certification

Mentoring Lounge September 15

Key Topics: Use collaborative conversations when mentoring, it is important for the mentor and mentee; Review the value of a mentor for a mentee; Consider the connection between coaching and mentoring (an overview),   Content Time Stamp 00:03 WELLcome to the All Things Mentoring Lounge;01:15 Quick Update from IMC (International Mentoring Community); 02:43 Collaborative Conversations when mentoring Between mentor and mentee […]

Mentoring Arrangement Listening Words Actions

Mentoring Listen Connect

From the image above… Listen – responsive listening (two ears, one mouth) to each other = mentor and mentee to the words/watch the actions each person seeks/confirms from the Connection – the relationship forming the mentoring arrangement  Look at #4 in the next post  Read and action these 33 Mentoring Considerations in the Form of Action_Outcome Statements Clarify your purpose of/your […]

All Things Mentoring Lounge September 1, 2021 ~ Mentor Certification

Mentoring Lounge September 1, 2021

What is the International Mentoring Community (IMC) Planning for You? It’s September 2021 – and we are ramping up the programs, projects, processes, and products of IMC… sharing early announcements with Doug Lawrence, International Mentor and Director of Education & Outreach How about acquiring certification as a mentor? Visit the website! Reach out to us with your comments […]