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Action Outcome Statements for Performance Review Competence Form

… as to the development and use of a performance review document there are two complementary parts:  1) Writing the Action_Outcome Statements …  2) Designing the Form in which to place the statements …  Part 1 – The Action_Outcome Statements … Writing Action_Outcome Statements for the Performance Review Competence Form Where to start:  Identify the required and requested knowledge, skills, […]

Mentoring Arrangement Learning Investigation Mentee

mentoring arrangement learning

Investigate together what each person seeks to learn – because of the mentoring arrangement – starting with the mentee Investigate means carry out research – to study – to inquire (formally) – to enquire (informally) about -> the facts of something or the characteristics of someoneTogether refers to working with one another, with possible external support when […]

Mentoring Arrangement Purpose and Reason, Requires Clarification

mentoring arrnegemtn purpose

Clarify your purpose of the/your reason for the mentoring arrangement from the outset Clarify means “make a statement or situation less confused” Therefore, to clarify – it’s important to (a) define the terms and concepts within the statement or situation; and more importantly, (b) agree on those terms and concepts … What follows next is to “make the map” Mentoring […]

Mentoring Considerations

mentoring considerations

33 Mentoring Considerations in the Form of Action_Outcome StatementsMentor to Mentee -> “Walk Me Through It, Because When You Do,  IT Is For Giving” It = the conversation, the ideas shared IT = I Transition – about your movement and profitability Read these statements from your perspective as a mentor, mentee, or both. Clarify your purpose of /the reason for […]